Sunday, August 3, 2008

What I accomplished today

It was a very productive day. I got a lot of things on my list done. I mowed the lawn - ugh. That was fun the first time, now …hmmm, at least the lawn mower is good. It's a nice little push mower that scares the heck out of "Little One", the youngest German Shepard next door. The "lawn" is a disaster. It's still a meadow, really. There is some plant ALL over the place, with long stalks with blossoms at the end. The mower takes the buds off but leaves these foot long stalks sticking up. The only way to get rid of them is to hand snip them - and I'm not doing that right now. I guess I need a weed whacker. And I have a laundry line! Really, is there anything better than sun dried laundry? And if you're not allergic to grasses, hang it up over freshly mowed grass - oh wow. My sheets smell like sun and grass. Don't knock it 'till you've tried it. I am surprised at how much I missed this. I grew up without a dryer, and it was always such a drag to have to haul one's laundry out to the line (down the stairs) to hang it up. But after four years of laundry-mats - I'm am so happy with my laundry line. I forgot how much better it is - for everything; one's health, pocketbook, and the environment! I would encourage everyone - want to help out the earth? In the summer or good weather, hang everything up outside to dry - saves you money, and I guarantee, that somehow the warmth of the sun will stay in the garments. (add liquid softener at the end of the cycle if you need it.) It's the best.
I also finished the molding in the hallway. It is a little bit of a rinky-dink operation, but you know, the house is 120 years old; some things are bound to be wonky. These stairs are. So I did the best I could, I think it looks fabulous. Simply because it looks SO much better than it did before. (See below)I also thought I should talk about this hallway.
I love color. I love lots of color, but I'm not really one for ostentatious color. But for this hallway - I had to do something. It's small and narrow and I just had to add some fabulous color to it. Now, what you are looking at is not the light on an orange hallway, but my creative (read crazy) paint job. I started with golden rod at the arch, blended that to tangerine and blended that to dragon fire (isn't that the best name for a color?) The ceiling is blue that blends to purple. I was thinking of all of the Mexican influence on California when I painted this hallway. My favorite restaurant in Whittier, Zumaya's, has red and orange and yellow walls with blue ceilings. I love it - and I miss it. Here it is from the other end:
The other things I accomplished today were, putting the "thingy" on the bottom of the second floor door. It think it's called a sweeper. It covers the gap at the bottom of the door. It was so humid yesterday the air conditioners needed to be on, and there's quite a bit of leakage of cool air out that door. Problem solved though.
I did not accomplish the paper work. I'll have to do that tomorrow.
My place of employment finished the year in the black, so our wonderful, fabulous president gave us a day off - paid. I'm going to knock down a wall.

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