Friday, August 15, 2008

Electrical work

Two electricians came on Thursday. It's the same company that sent me the Marx Bros. but this time they didn't . They sent a really nice guy named John, and a guy named Jim, who was an expert on what I call Philly Charm. (more on that later). Now, because I'm also an expert- as an outsider - on Philly Charm as well, and how to thwart it, I did manage to make the guy laugh. But that is of course another story.
These guys took care of some stuff needing taking care off. They installed an outside electrical box:There it is right next to the pumpkin (left by the previous owner). Now I can get an electric weed whacker and whack those weird plants that don't want to be mowed. And incidentally, I've got to mow my lawn tomorrow morning. I talked with my great aunt last Saturday as it was her 97th! birthday, and she is so blasé about maintenance at my house - "oh just get yourself a gardener and a cleaner, what do you want to be doing that for anyway?" Right - like that is all I have to spend my money on. I tried to explain to her that I'm sure the charm of doing everything myself will wear out soon, then I can get a gardener.
The electricians also installed a motion sensor light in the back meadow:

There it is. It's working and everything. I'm really glad about this because it was so dark on Wednesday evening when I got home, I was not going to put my bike in the shed. So I just locked it to my back porch. Today when I went out to get it, my fabulous neighbor Mr. El, leaned out the window and told me that last night at about 11:30 his wife looked out the window, because the dogs were barking like crazy (why didn't I hear this?), and someone had come into my backyard to see if the bike was locked up. She didn't say anything because the dogs were barking like crazy, and they guy left. But Mr. El just wanted to let me know. I have great neighbors.
The last thing the electricians did was to check the light in the front vestibule. I have this really great light hanging down, but the wires are old and bad and they need to be replaced. So rather than hack out that beautiful roundel to put an Ikea fixture in, I'm going to try to get the old light re-wired. I hope it can be done at not too obscene amount of money. Hopefully I can find someone to do that soon. I would really like a light in the front vestibule.
I think it would be safer.
In other news, I planted the zinnias next to the revealed walkway. Will keep you posted on what happens there.


McD said...

You don't tell these guys that you live by yourself do you? I would highly recommend a scary dog, a barking cat, or an alarm system!!
Sorry I have not been by to visit lately. I will check your other posts now.

McD said...

ooohh, better idea, make a book with a pop up dog, open the book and leave it on the floor at night with a string atached to move it along the rails that you mounted the book to and then get a recording of a really deep bark that will be triggered by the eraser on the pencil that is tied to the rails that bumps into the ipod that is hooked up to a system. . .that would be really cool and there wouldn't be any poop to clean up. . .at least not dog poop. . .ha ha ha. . .

McD said...

forgot that there is supossed to be a light shining behind the pop up book that has the sensor outside the doors. Plus you could change the angle of the book every night to keep the bums guessing.

McD said...

sorry about getting you all excited about thinking you had numerous comments on your blog

Tara said...

you should be a book artist Mike!