Monday, August 25, 2008


My Dad agrees that I need to prioritize. Said so on the phone tonight. And he's right.
So… tonight I painted the window trim in the studio; that will need one more coat. Then tomorrow I will paint the last wall in there. This was the room with the horrible army green walls. I was planning on knocking that wall down all along, I just didn't realize I wouldn't be knocking the whole thing down. So half way through painting the walls I stopped painting it. Now it needs two more layers of primer to cover up the rest of the blasted color. I should also get out the reciprocating saw and clean up the edges of the door, even though the door is a lower priority than getting the molding in (it's already painted and ready to go), so that I can move my furniture into the space. That's all.

Ah the banister, :), it's coming along nicely now with the correct stripper. I wonder if Citristrip doesn't have some oil in it which helps the wood. It is such a difference from the other stuff which left the wood dry and parched looking. I cleaned up the last of the bits with steel wool and the wood is a rich chestnut color, wiped it down with odorless Mineral Spirits and it gleams. It's coming along - and now that I have the right stuff, I can slap it on and walk away for a while, complete a job and then get back to the banister. Makes multi-tasking much more efficient.

Fred Update: He's still in a chrysalis (isn't that a lovely word? chrysalis) hasn't fallen off the branch and yours truly has gotten herself, 800 speed film for closeups. If my eyes weren't joking with me, I was actually able to focus on ol' Fred properly. Will take ton's of pics and dedicate a whole blog to that process. Promise.

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scrap chair potato said...

The banister is looking amazing. I can't imagine why anyone would cover that!
I (and the boys) can't wait to see more about Fred.