Thursday, January 8, 2015

Return to the great freeze

This is were I was on Tuesday afternoon. 82°F Eating a sandwich with my parents enjoying the sun, wind and waves. It was glorious. 

Now I'm home in Philadelphia.
And it's cold.
Really cold.
Really (insert favorite explative here) cold!
It was 10°F when I woke up and now at almost noon it is still only 18°F. It's even too cold for Jacques. He went out for about 15 minutes. But now we are all snuggled up on the bed together.
And of course, all did not go well while I was away. There is even more couch damage, and Jacques peed all over my mattress.  Thank god for blow up mattresses! Project #1 for the new year is to buy a new mattress. Project #2 will be to cover the couch with velvet that I have flying around and see how that goes. Or that will be project #3, and project #2 will be to make a scratching post. I haven't decided yet. Project #0 is convincing myself to get out of bed where it is nice and warm. 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Couch (almost) Complete! and Happy New year

Happy 2015 Everyone! May the year bring you much joy, love, and success! 

 All done except for one pillow!  But of course not without it's fun hiccups.

Part one of finishing was to put the back on. I was so excited to get moving on this, I did it in completely the wrong order. In the end I think it is still okay.  I had to use that scary silver stuff and nail it into the back of the couch. Then clamp the fabric in there. Then remember that I had to add burlap and cotton! doi. So after back tracking I got all of it finished except for securing the fabric to the bottom. 
Since Pedro (aka The Muscle) was indisposed, I had to turn the couch myself so that I could get to the bottom easily. I turned it this way and that, balancing it on one leg, trying in vain to lift it to the other shelf... Turns out I am not Wonder Woman - and the thing slipped off of the boards and in between the sawhorses, my finger catching on some of that scary silver stuff and leaving a little chunk of my left index finger permanently attached to the couch. The good thing is that that was only the second injury. (The first was dropping one of the shelves on my left big toe - yeowch!)

Time to give up on the sawhorses. I got the couch maneuvered just fine on the ground. Which was apparently the cue for the Supervisor to claim his perch.

I did finally get all of the fabric stapled to the bottom and then it was time to tackle the pillows.
This is a whole other talent - let me tell you!
First you have to sew miles of "welting." Well, I only sewed 12 yards. But still, that seems like miles. I also think that just finished off my poor little sewing machine. It said, Good Night! and will not go anymore, even when I talk nicely to it. 22 years of good service.

But things have strange ways of working out.

Mr. El came by (unexpectedly) last September and dumped a sewing machine in the middle of my studio and said, "Look what I have! Learn how to use it so you can can teach May (his wife) how to use it." OK. Well, there has never been a convenient time for that so the machine just sat there and I grumbled to myself about it taking up a valuable spot on the floor. But it sure came in handy in a pinch. I managed to sew the entire pillow together with that little machine. The only thing I can NOT figure out is where the reverse is! I will have to do some research when I get home.
But within less than 24hours of calling the couch (almost) done - 
That would be the hand work of the Supervisor and Inspector who think they own the place.
I am not such a naive cat owner to think this wouldn't happen. I was expecting it, but I did have a little hope - that they wouldn't scratch it up. I actually think I know which of the culprits is responsible for embellishing my handiwork. That would be the Swee'pea - who trained Jacques to do this. I think I have some training to do myself when I get home. Currently the sofa is wrapped up in sheets to hopefully protect it until the training can begin. Because...

I am currently in Southern California! My father is turning 75. Happy Birthday Daddy!
I was fortunate to be able to meet up with some family members for a trip to the Huntington Library. With a big party planned, I'm sure I'll see more family and I'm looking forward to seeing all of them. 

Joy and Ruby count the koi.

Daddy and Kissten looking into the Chinese Gardens.
I told cousin Roseanna about the shredded couch and she suggest velvet. She said her cats do not scratch velvet. Maybe that will be the next upholstery fabric.