Thursday, August 7, 2008

Asbestos Update

I did the right thing with the plastic wrap. Steve from the asbestos company came yesterday morning and took a look at the situation. He said it looked okay - it was very little asbestos and not a problem to clean up. He also said I could work in the studio. Then I remembered that my home inspector had found some in the basement, so I showed that to him as well. He said that piece was a much bigger problem and they would take care of it at the same time they would take care of the stuff upstairs. I'm waiting to get a quote from him, but hopefully they will come on Tuesday and remove everything so that I can keep going in that room. I'm chomping at the bit to work on my doorway! I also want to call "Henry Sanding Floor" (my fabulous floor guy) and make an appointment for him to redo the floors in the studio ASAP so that I can settle in there. Then I've got to find a board shear… If anyone knows where I can get a good one, for cheap that would be great!
Melanie is here (yeah!) she's out running, I'm skipping my yoga so that I can post.
We are going to Sabrina's for breakfast and then its off to? guess where? … Home Depot! Yep! The DIY site has a tutorial for putting in ceiling fans and so we are going to see if we can get one for the kitchen. My wonderful dad put the beautiful Ikea lamp in the kitchen while he was here, so I know I can do this too. What I'm really hoping is that I can still use the lamp and the bulb in a ceiling fan - but we'll see. If I can't, I'll use that lamp in my studio. The wonderful kitchen gets really really warm when there is no breeze so a fan would be good. I also want to see about a security screen door for the back door. Not really for security but so that I can leave the door open and get a breeze coming in. But because my yard seems to be fair game for anyone or anything, I want a lock on the door. I may need special equipment for installing it, so that will be the main factor in whether we get it or not. And then, depending on our successes at Home Depot, we may go out to the Berlin Farmer's Market too. I saw a beautiful blue glass bowl sink there, and I think I want to put that in the bathroom. When the construction guy from Monday said I could but the sink in myself, no problem. Okay then.

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