Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Morning; Studio floors finished, Fred on his way

Good Morning -
It's another beautiful day in Philadelphia. This August has been incredible, I haven't used my air conditioner once. This is highly unusual. Last year, I had the air on for two weeks straight.
The first thing we did this morning, Jacques and I, was to inspect our new studio floors. Three layers of polyurethane later … it's incredible! I don't want to move anything in there, just want to look at the floors!
When Henry first came he said there were some damaged spots and he might need to repair the floor with wood from some place inconspicuous such as a closet. But he was able to fix all of the existing wood.
One of the comments that always comes up is, why would anyone paint over these beautiful floors? put carpeting down?! Mr. El had a good point, "Be glad they did, it protected them, now you have beautiful floors. If they didn't the floors would have been worn away."
Had one little scare; the heating vent had to be removed to do the floors. When I went upstairs to get my camera, I didn't pay attention to where Jacques went. The vent hole is plenty large enough for my kitty to get in there. I called and called and couldn't tell where he was. Just when I was really started to get concerned, he poked his head around a door and sort of looked at me as if you say, "what do you want?" I put the screen over the hole until I can wash the grate off. It's filthy.
Thought some of you might like a better image of the fireplace now that the stuff is not covering it up. It's really just a heating vent now.
Fred might have started making his chrysalis. He hasn't moved since last night, and there are little silken threads holding him to the branch.
This is the first time my digital camera has let me down. I can't take pictures of Fred through the glass, the camera won't focus on him. I think it's time to get the old SLR out of the box, dust it off, buy some film, and start taking pictures. This maybe the last you see of Fred for a while. I just started thinking about how inconvenient for blogging that will be! I even have to wait for the film to be developed. Do they still do that?

What to do today? Oh, there is so much I want to do. I wanted to go out to Berlin Flea Market and pick up a sink. I looked online, and it's definitely much cheaper if I get it there. I also want to finish digging up roots in the back yard, some laundry, start putting the molding in the studio, painting the baseboards in the studio, definitely painting the window moldings (they are disgusting), get film for the camera before too much happens to Fred and I miss it, fix the tires of my road bike (both flat), must work on that syllabus, and move back into my studio. If I were Hermione, the syllabus would be finished already - that goes without saying - the paintbrushes would be doing their thing, the roots would be pulling themselves, the heating vent would have cleaned itself and put itself away, and I'd be knitting booties which is what I really want to be doing.

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McD said...

I don't know which is worse, the fact that you posted already this morning or the fact that I am already looking.
Try putting your camera on scenery or landscape mode.
Did you seriously just talk about Harry Potter and then go straight into wanting to do booties? I think I might send your link to Ms. JK Rowling. She might use you as a character.