Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The second generation

This is Sarah. Sarah is 1 and 1/2 and adorable. Some of my friends and I are really good at pointing out "that's why I don't' have kids" when we see screaming children. Well, Sarah is the reason I do want to have kids. She is sweet congenial, happy, and a little sponge. She is incredibly entertaining. And Heidi just grins and says, yup - I have the best child on the planet. Who is Sarah? She is Eric and Heidi Dicus' daughter, great-grand niece of Aunt Martha who passed away this past Saturday. Eric and I were band geeks together in high school. Jane (grandma), Heidi, and Sarah are in town for Aunt Martha's funeral, and it's sad that we don't know when we will see each other again.
After this picture was taken, Sarah desperately wanted to pet Jacques, but he was having none of that- thank you. So she grabbed my hand and we finally figured out she wanted help to pet him. She would walk toward him and he would watch her. When she got within a foot of him, he would run off. Finally I got out the "Greenies" (favorite treat), distracted him with that in the kitchen, and Sarah was able to pet him a bit. She was so gentle and Jacques actually didn't mind. Heidi took lots of pictures, I hope some of them came out. I'd love to see them, and if I can, I will post them on the blog.

Tonight I have to finish cleaning out the studio. I'm obviously procrastinating. Henry Sanding Floor is coming tomorrow to do that. I'm really excited that it will be done sooner than expected, except that it's a day earlier than I'd planned so, let's see how much I get done tonight. He may just have to help move things in the morning, whatever I don't get to tonight.

By the way, Fred has practically doubled in size. I came home tonight and ALL of the parsley was gone. I just put a new bunch in the jar. We'll see. Will post more pictures soon.

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