Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello All!
Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you and yours are happy and healthy and have had a wonderful holiday.
Sorry for the long pause between posts. But I do really still exist and have plans to continue posting! Starting with this one and continuing on with a few catch ups...
We had a lovely thanksgiving complete with goose:   
Yes a goose. And yes, We. Part of my long absence has been caused by a new certain someone who I met this summer. He has been really wonderful and supportive through a very busy and crazy fall. But you'll have to wait for more catch up posts for an official introduction.  ;)
My new certain someone is Portuguese and announced that he does not like pumpkin pie. He requested a cherry pie. Which I was happy to accommodate (having found the best recipe ever)!:  
However, I still baked the pumpkin pie according to family recipe. Guess what? He likes pumpkin pie after all!  
Since I have four whole days to do nothing but catch up on everything that has been neglected for the last few months, I started back on this project:
yeah, this one has been a long time coming. 
And then I also need to finally tackle the artist books book shelves.  Both of these projects are long over due. 
 More soon...