Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Banister, etc.

The banister needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. I was saving this as an easy job, but since I decided not to do the construction in the house and instead get the third floor ready to rent, I decided that Henry Sanding Floor needed to come back as soon as possible to do the floors in the stairwell. It takes 24hrs for the polyurethane to dry, and so I will be relegated to the first floor for three days. That's okay, It will be worth it. My studio is beautiful.
Before pictures of the banister:Jacques kindly started stripping the paint off of this part. So we have this lovely brick red, followed by the mint green. yulch. Tight Roper Jacques on the banister in this view:

I am not the neatest crafts person when it comes to this kind of thing. I decided to strip the banisters tonight because I don't really care if the stripped paint falls on the horrible linoleum. It's coming up anyway. I will probably have to repaint the white thingies, (I cannot remember what they are called!), but that is different. I am actually a neat painter.
In excavating I discovered at least four layers of paint. Some genius decided that the beautiful original mahogany banisters needed to be covered in white paint. Then of course someone realized how silly this was and painted the banisters brown. ?!, this was followed by the mint green choice and sealed up with a coat of the brick red.
I've only applied three layers of citrus strip, but I'm already down to the original wood and it is be-yond me as to why anyone would cover this stuff up! It's beautiful! Tomorrow's intermittent project will be to put stuff back in the studio, and work on this banister. Now I'm excited to get it revealed. :) Sorry about the goofy angle of this image. I took it at a bad angle and am too tired to do a good photoshop job on it. You get the idea anyway. While I was waiting for for the solvent to do its work, I finally started on my syllabus. I start teaching in less than two weeks and I've been in complete denial about this. So between applying layers of stuff tomorrow, hopefully painting the molding and installing that in the studio, then moving stuff back in to said studio, I will work some more on my syllabus and get that issue off my back.
Jacques will be guarding the kitchen from the mice which are apparently living under my stove.


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McD said...

mice don't bother me, until they die, then they stink. I found one under some tortillas once at Target. No matter what you do, those critters seem to find a way in. finally a good reason Jack.
I bet you love that smell of thinner don't you?
BTW, I have decided you need a scooter.