Sunday, April 3, 2011


Hallelujah! for two things:
1). I have my computer back! Yay! And what a riggamarolla that was! They had the part, then it didn't work, so they "ordered" the part, it didn't come, then they called, it wasn't going to come because it was a vintage computer, so they looked again and lo and behold! oh my goodness there was another part sitting there all along and they could have tried to put that in. And in all of this they managed to lose my power cord. ??? But they ended up just giving me one, because they have some that come in and don't need it, because (all together now) my computer is a vintage computer! Bottom line - I am not complaining. I'm back into functional mode. Thank goodness. Let's hope its for a while.
and 2). Fence up! Privacy Privacy! Yay!
This is what I was looking at before. And I never felt I could go to that side of my yard. Someone was always lurking there. Plus the giant creep who lives next door's girlfriend is the back door. Yesterday when I was excavating roots who popped out? The creep. I've had enough of that.
So off to Home Depot I trotted to get potting soil and seed starting mix, and in addition to that I ended up with fence materials. (And lots of nice help from two guys in the lumber dept who tied it all to the top of my car.) Putting up a fence isn't that hard when you have the right stuff. They make these really cool stake-things that you can just pound into the ground and then a 4x4 fits into the cap thing on top. Once those are in ya throw up a couppala 2x4s, then the slats and before ya know it...voila! Fence. Okay - well it's even easier when your friend Mary gets tired of doing her taxes and comes over to help.
There's my 10ft. fence. No one can see over that. Finally some privacy in that corner. Now I can start to put in some "furniture" like a table and maybe some sort of a hammock??? Oh, I'm still in the dreaming stage of that. Because I'm still in awe that the fence went up today!