Sunday, August 10, 2008

Vocabulary Lesson

I'm learning lots of new vocabulary. One can only go into Home Depot so many times referring to everything as "thingies." It does help if one is wearing a short skirt, heels, and something low cut, but still…1. Hack Saw - I now own one because of my father's foresight. Thanks Daddy. This has a replaceable blade.
2. Nut Diver Set - this tool is a ratcheting screwdriver with 6 bits and 6 nut drivers. This is a cool thing. I like that it is an all-in-one and even has little containers for the different screw bits, phillips head, flat head and other different sizes.
3. Adjustable Wrench - This one is also courtesy of my dad, who did quite a few jobs without it in my house and then in frustration when out and bought me one. Now I understand why. Everybody needs an adjustable wrench.
4. Safety goggles - okay. If you are one of those people who is too cool to wear a bicycle helmet, then you won't get these either, but they are great! They kept all of the drywall chunks from falling in my eyes during the ceiling fan job.
5. Impromptu wire stripping kit. It's an exacto knife and wire cutters. I was too sweaty and gross to go wandering around the neighborhood to get the wire strippers out of my car. So I just used these tools and they worked fine.
6. Needle nosed pliers - because, why not?
7. Socket wrench and sockets - this one is great - but there are also socket wrenches with adjustable heads, oooh, Cadillac version. I bought the nut driver set (#2) because this wrench wouldn't fit into the electrical box.
8. Left over parts from the project - ?! - I'm not sure why this happens, but there always seems to be stuff left over. In this case, some screws, a rubber gasket, two wire nuts, and the pull chords for the fan are some of the left over items. Now, I re-read the instructions, and double checked everything. The fan is still running 12 hours later and still up on the ceiling, so I'm not sure why I have these left over things. At any rate, they will all go into the Ziploc bag-o-parts which often comes in handy.
This post is dedicated to my good friend Mike, who left that ridiculous comment about my needing a man, and then proceeded to convince me by describing how he can't even find a stud.
Go buy a stud finder, Peaches!

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McD said...

you want to know what is even worse. I work at Sears. I hate tools. I have two stud finders. They don't work. I have tried pounding on the wall and finding the "hallow" sound.
I should be offended you are not shopping at my store. Did you know we have life time guarantees. HaHa.
That's it I am joining one of those art censorship groups!
P.S. my favorite tool is the laser level.