Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Clean Up

So much to do with clean up.
Angie's List almost let me down today. I called four of the five companies listed under asbestos removal. Two told me they don't do it anymore, one does not answer the phone, the other said he couldn't get to me for a couple of weeks. The last one I didn't call because they are the people who've done the mold room at work and, well, yeah - I'm not hiring them for my house.
So I called Angie's List and they were really helpful. Found a couple of other places and I can't remember how I finally landed on a company and they are going to come tomorrow and take a look. Good to know that the list is not the end all and be-all, there are more possibilities. I hope it's a small job and they can take it and go.
Last night after I discovered it, I wrapped it in plastic wrap, shut the door to the first floor apartment. This evening I decided to clean up. Good Grief! Who'd have thought that I'd need 10 garbage bags?! I can only load them up to 40lbs, as stipulated by the city trash pick up. One day I will post a rant about Philadelphia Trash, but I'm too tired right now. Let's just whet your appetite by saying that I actually got a ticket about my trash. It was $35! Unbelievable. I miss the Whittier trash system where I can order a trash bin from the city for ? $50/$100? fill it up and then they come pick it up! I can't even get a hold of anyone at the city to ask these kinds of questions! Thank goodness for the construction guy who came on Monday - he said to call a private company. Who knew that kind of thing existed!? So that's what I will probably do. I also think my wonderful neighbor, Mr. El, might have a hauling licence. Maybe I can pay him some cash and he'll haul it for me. Because not only is there a weight limit, there is also a bag limit. 12. And I have household trash to throw out too. sigh.
I probably also have to see the doctor about my finger. It hurts. I can move it so I know it's not broken, but when I straighten my hand out quickly there is a shooting pain and something clicks. My wrist hurts from yanking weeds and swinging sledge hammers, and I might have pulled a muscle in my stomach weeding too. Sheesh, I sound like a Shel Silverstein poem - I cannot go to school today, I have the measles and the mumps and other kinds of bumps… Basically, I'm falling apart! :) - It will all be worth it in the end, hopefully I will still be able to walk up the stairs when it's done.
My good friend Melanie is coming tomorrow. She said I could put her to work. . . oh, she might regret that! :) It will be really fun to have her here.
Jacques seems to be fine today. He was just tired. His new favorite spot to sleep is in an open box of winter clothes I didn't bother to unpack, next to the teddy bear.

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