Monday, August 18, 2008

Jacques Update and so on

Jacques' new plan to scare the crap out of me:except that he doesn't usually sit on the banister, he plays on it; pretends he's a tight rope walker. He usually misses when he jumps up and is struggling to actually get up on the thing. Plus there is at least a 5ft drop on the other side, at most a 10ft. drop. I don't like it. But one has to let them learn these things on their own. He also loves to pretend that's he's just inspecting stuff:
Just FYI - this is my second floor landing. When I moved in it was covered in (stinky) carpet. Two of my fabulous interns, Anni and Ansley, and two of my wonderful friends, Jessica and Mario, ripped it all out and tackled all of the staples etc. It was a great gift. Beneath this horrible tar-adhered linoleum are the same beautiful floors as in the bedroom. When all of the construction is finished they too, will be as beautiful. (someday…) But back to Jacques, I much prefer him spilling out of the basket:

In other news:
*Fred is still alive. Amazing. He's pooping a lot, this is how I know. He's not a very exciting roommate, I must say. Just to prepare the three Amigos - he probably won't hatch until next spring. But I will keep posting updates. Promise.
*All of the ode de anti-bug I slathered myself with on Saturday for yard work- didn't help. I was still the bug smorgasbord. This morning instead of putting lotion on my legs I just slathered them up with anti-itch cream. It was more effective.
*At work I am rebacking three giant books (43.5cm) of the Grand Army of the Republic. All of them have lost their covers and so I need to reattach them. I'm also rebacking them because the spines are too stiff, which is why the covers came off in the first place. Fun stuff.
*My neighbor Miss Mary (Mr. El's wife), and my good friend Mary came for an evening in the back meadow. We had a glass of wine, fresh mozzarella, Jersey tomatoes, and basil from my window box. It was a perfectly beautiful evening.


Cathleen Miller said...

In my old apartment, there was a ledge that overlooked the landing coming into my apartment (I was on the 3rd floor). My crazy cat Chloe loves being on top of everything, and so doubly-loved the view from the kitchen ledge overlooking the stairs. One day, she jumped up there and totally missed. She overshot her jump and ended up ten feet down in the stairwell. She was completely fine, and just stupid-brave enough to continue her observations from a-high. I, of course, was scared that she'd fall again, but she seems to be made out of rubber anyway...

Moral of the story: cats land on their feet. Jacques will be okay. He'll just enjoy riling you up.

McD said...

9 lives, cats always land on your feet, stupid things, they make me sneeze!