Saturday, April 25, 2009

Workin' in the Garden

What a beautiful day!
I'm not sure of the exact temperature today - all I can tell you is that I was wearing shorts and tank top and sweating, and loving every minute of it.
I should be working on that UPenn book but I will do that tonight. I decided that my garden needed my attention, and since I can work on the book when it's dark and not the garden, the garden got the daylight attention.
And there is SO much that needs attention.
I'm thrilled that I put the tulips in. More next year - and in a better place - but I'm really enjoying them now. They are gorgeous (see the previous post for another image). I have yellow with red streaks, red with yellow streaks, and pale lavender. Quite beautiful.
However, my main focus today was that front hedge. Ugh. It's quite disgusting. This seems to be a catch all for all kinds of debris. Yuck.
I spent five hours today, raking junk out from under the hedge. Five garbage bags later I decided that I'd had enough.
I am hoping that trash will now blow back out onto the sidewalk. At any rate, it will be much easier to see. And hopefully there will be a lot less of it so that it will be easier to manage.
Today's haul of interesting paraphernalia includes:

Two glass bottles
two perfume vials
one button
four cigarette lighters
two pencils
one pen
two hypodermic needles
one condom
one magnetic clothing security device
one baseball key chain bauble (?)
one change making box
one large long chain
one dime

After all this, I went back inside, had a bath, cooked diner, and now I've really got to get downstairs to work on this UPenn book. sigh. not fun.

Tomorrow's main priority includes: the dandelions. They are taking over the garden.

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