Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bathroom Diaries Day: Jeff's last day

Jeff's last day. Sad - he's fun. He came this morning to close up the hole for the plumbing, and put in the door latch. He was supposed to take the rest of his stuff with him, but he didn't. Sigh. Oh well, I don't really know what I'm going to do with a bag of "thin set" . Probably throw it out - or offer it to Mr. El. Maybe he can use it.
I decided today that I would break the tub in. :) Oh it's wonderful! Just what I wanted. Problem is - there's not enough hot water in my water heater to fill the whole thing doggonit! So I'm back to my old shenanigans of filling every pot with water and boiling it on the stove. Maybe I've got to go to the tankless water heating systems Brendan and Joe were talking about. My grandmother had a boiler on her bathroom wall. One lit the gas flame and one could fill an entire bath tub with boiling water - aaaaahhhhhh what a luxury. Also - one doesn't waste so much energy keeping a hot water heater full of hot water. . . . some day.
I can't say "Bathroom Diaries: Last Day" yet. I still have SO much to do. I've got to paint the walls and ceilings, fix the grout, clean the tile, spackle, put in the fixtures, (trays, towel racks, etc.) and then I've got to paint the hallway, AND THEN I've go to fix up my bedroom. Sheesh! The contractors are paid and gone - how come I've got so darn much work to do???

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