Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cleaning up the front hedge

After finishing three loads of laundry, putzing around the house, meeting the PECO man, (electricity), changing both of my flat tires - I finally managed to get out of the house for a bike ride at 10:30. It was such a beautiful day today. Everybody was out. Which was good, because I got almost to Falls Bridge and the front tire went flat again. Grrr. So I changed the tube and got half way through changing it when I realized I'd left my pump at home where I'd changed my tires. GRRRRR. So I flagged down some very nice cyclists who had pumps and actually pumped the tire for me - (seeing as I'm a helpless woman and all). One of them gave me all kinds of "advice" about getting new treads, and a new shank for the handle bars so that I would sit up taller. So I took his advice about getting new tires - and am going to ignore the other advice. All in all, it was very nice of him to stop and help me. The ride was great! But I'm going to pay for it tomorrow. I can already feel it.
When I got home the plan was to shower and go to my Amish farmer for milk, eggs, and whatever else might look interesting. I got a bit side tracked. I always need to wind down after a ride so I took some dry laundry down, hung up some new laundry, and started looking at the yard. Two hours later I had cleaned out a little bit of the garbage that has collected under my front hedge for goodness knows how many years. You wouldn't believe the stuff I found. Quite a treasure trove.
In addition to mounds of plastic wrappers of everything from candy bars to drug baggies, today's haul includes: (from left to right - a rusty clamp, a dial knob of some kind, plastic fork, two glass vials for incense, a watermelon bauble, four screws, a chicken bone, two bottle caps, a sardine can, votive candle, a ball point pen, a screw driver, and half of a CD/Walkman. And that was only in the first 10 feet of the hedge! Imagine what I'll find in the next 20 feet. Exciting!
I cleaned and weeded the bricks. Weeded some of the flower bed, and since I'm not quite sure what I want to put in that bed I thought I'd try transferring some of my violets. They are everywhere in my garden and it's a shame to have to mow them when I mow the lawn. So if these three survive the transplant - quite a few more will be joining them.
Three hours later, showered and lunched, I was ready to head out. As I was ready to leave, the drum corps I'd been hearing all morning, and for the past few weekend, marched right down Filbert. These kids are really good. It was fun to watch them.
Now I'm exhausted. I still need to go downstairs and print this UPenn thing. Ugh.

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