Monday, April 6, 2009

Bathroom Diaries Day: and on and on and on

Talked to Jeff and Eric this morning (Eric is the plumber) Jeff was understandably appalled that I didn't sand the base boards before staining them, "That must look like hell!" Yeah well, I fixed it. He doesn't understand the toilet business either.
Later when I talked to Eric, I had already called Lowes and had been assured by someone, that a)it was no big deal to get the part for me, and b) no worries that I didn't have the receipt - just bring in the credit card statement. Yeah, well . . .
I showed up at Lowes about 7:30, with the part/box/left over part for the shower as ordered. Not only did I not deal with the nice guy from the morning, but he was replaced by the most amazing south Philly broad you ever met in your life. The skinny smoker kind with the raspy voice and the fake finger nails, and the short too-dark-red-hair-dye-job that needs a touch up. And she was exuding that Philly charm I love so much. Oh boy. But since I've learned to deal with it, I fought back and came out unscathed. However it took about 45 minutes just for them to prove that I had actually bought the blasted shower contraption there and that she could give me the part I needed. This is because - I cannot find the receipt for these things anywhere. Good Grief. At least it ended well, but I tell you, I'm not going back to Lowes, it's just too much of a three ring circus there. I still needed more grout, grout de-hazer, light fixtures, and clothes pins. And rather than hang out at Lowes any longer I went over to Home Depot. Promptly helped by a nice south Philly man who over explained everything. Better that than the "Charm". I didn't get home until 10.
Up at the top is what I decided to put on the light fixture. I didn't like any of the little glass cover thingies that were available, so I was looking for bulbs for something else and saw these beauties. I think they are nice, a whoppin' $4/each.

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