Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bathroom Diaries Day: Making Peace

Woke up in a better mood this morning. I knew I had too much I wanted to accomplish today, but I really wanted to accomplish all of it. So I tackled the big things.
I started off with grouting the tiles. Got the back wall grouted and wiped. Looks okay - from far away:Then I started on the side wall of the shower, and of course, I barely had enough grout to finish that wall. Sigh. It just can't go smoothly, can it? I still have to do the front wall now. As I was working on this wall, I kept getting cat hair in the grout. I couldn't figure out why - until I turned around. He just had to watch. Apparently this is fascinating stuff - grouting.

I was toying with the idea of going to Home Depot for more grout. I need a few other things as well, but I really just wanted to nest and work in my house. I didn't want to have to change and my was hair sticking up in all directions because of how I slept on it. I didn't want to have to clean up to go out. Bottom line: still need to go get grout for the last wall.
I kept working on the baseboards. I did something stupid yesterday; I started staining the baseboards without sanding the extra wood filler off. The result was big swiping pale spots that could not be excused away as "the nature of the wood". I pulled out the electric sander today and took care of that and re-stained the baseboards. Still have to wait for 8 hours before I can polyurethane them. I did start on the one baseboard and the threshold. They look beautiful.
I couldn't face any painting today. I think that really will be one of the last things that will happen in there.
Then I decided I had earned a little break. The weather was spectacularly beautiful today. Slight wind, and very warm in the sun. I took a book, cup of coffee, chair and self out to the back garden. I sat for two hours in the sun, even took a little nap and got a nice little sunburn for my trouble. It was so nice.
Invented something new for dinner as well. This is a little wacky, but it was so good, I'm writing it down so I know I have the recipe for the future. I defrosted a tenderloin from Trader Joe's when Rachael and Ben were here - but we didn't get to it. It really needed to be cooked so I took a look in the spice cabinet and went to town. I cooked two pieces, it will need to be slightly adjusted if you are cooking more - not spices so much as water etc.
Pork Tenderloin ala Tara
1 pork loin cut into serving sized pieces (2 - 3 inches)
olive oil
5 cloves garlic cut in half
5 whole all spice
3 whole cloves
3 whole cardamom pods
1 2inch piece cinnamon stick
2 t salt
3 1/4" slices of lime
Heat the olive oil in a sauce pot. Add the garlic, (this may not have been a good idea because it burned - maybe add it later?) and when oil is hot, brown pork on all sides. Once browned add all spices and enough water to reach a third of the way up the pork. Bring to a boil, then turn heat to low and allow to cook 30 minutes.
In the mean time I cooked little red potatoes and heated up my left over collard greens from last night. When pork is done, remove pork and set aside. Remove spices and discard. Make gravy with the cooking water. Super yummy. The lime is really great.
I did manage to finish one thing today - a potholder based on one I inherited from my grandmother. I crocheted it with cotton, but I don't think it was thick enough. We'll find out soon. What I love about these is that they can be thrown in the washing machine when they are dirty.
Did talk to Melanie
Didn't fix bike tires
Did call Lowes - the guy I talked to was completely unhelpful. Finally he said I can return the toilet. Will call plumbers tomorrow.
Didn't do tax stuff
Did figure out what I still owe Jeff. :(
Still wish I had more hours in the day.