Sunday, March 8, 2009

Much ado about nothing

I feel so half-assed about these posts lately - like I'm trying desperately to post something for your enjoyment, anything! I got the guilt trip from my dad last time we talked, "It's such a disappointment when there's nothing new on the blog." :) I'm sorry I've been slacking lately. The truth is I've kind of run out of steam. Getting the second floor the way I wanted it was a big priority. And I worked my tush off to get it there and I'm so relieved to be done with that I'm trying to rally to either finish up the few little projects, or start on the big one. The BIG one is to get the house insulated and rented - which is really boring! But I suppose there are other things of interest.
Leah helped me move my kitchen table from storage into the second floor last weekend. It squeaked in after we took the doors off of the hinges. We. are. good.
After living with it for a week, I decided it needed to be sanded and polyurethaned. Ken made this table for my mom, so many years ago now. I think it must be at least 20? How is that possible? But it must be - we got the table when I was in high school. Well, it is time for a sprucing-up, so after consulting Toni and Ken, I sanded most of the bad scratches and the pink marker stains off, and gave it a fresh coat. This evening I gave it the second coat - and we'll see if it needs a third in the morning. I'm kind of hoping not, because I don't really want it super shiny, just shiny.
In another on-going project, I've finally finished with the first half of the sweater I'm knitting. I started on the beginning of the sleeve this morning. It's going so much faster than the body, I can't believe it. I was so hoping to be able to wear it this year, but I'm having my doubts. The sleeves will only be fast until it's time to attach them to the rest of the sweater - then it's back to 20 minutes for one row.
Just FYI - the orange cake was a hit - so I'll be making that again. The recipe is from the Feb 2009 Gourmet magazine - it should be on fairly soon.

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