Monday, March 23, 2009

Bathroom Diaries Day: The return of the Vanity

Look it's back!Look what Jeff did! He kept the drawer working inside! What a genious. Now I can still store stuff in the drawer, but it functions around the plumbing. By the way, this is all you will see of Jeff or Bo - they are both camera shy.
However, after that - Jeff spent the day cursing the cabinet. It's not tall enough, and the legs we picked can't screw into the existing legs because there isn't enough wood. So he made a sturcture of some kind he wasn't happy with (and neither was I) and nixed it. He wasn't pleased when he left today. :(
As soon as they left, Jacques came in to inspect.

For dinner I made some very colorful food. Roasted beets and yams with thyme, bay leaves and roasted garlic. Boy that roasted garlic can make anything good.
I'm still recovering from yesterday. I'm absolutely exhausted. I still need to make a mock up for my students for tomorrow. Let's see how far I get before I give up. Grouting is definitely not happening tonight.

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