Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bathroom Diaries Day: ? maybe a bad sign

Someone was in my house today - who, I cannot tell. The second door was unlocked when I came home - so it was probably Lee. But then I found: (the tile)Is this a bad sign? Does this mean Jeff put the tiles down and couldn't face it all? We'll find out. He said he would be here Friday to show me something important I had to do to tile the shower part of the bathroom. I have to do this myself because I don't have an extra $3000. lying around to pay him for that, and my money tree hasn't blossomed yet.
I did have some money to go to IKEA today. It was so empty that I just started wandering aimlessly. I want a hammock, and garden chairs, and tiny lanterns to string up. I want pots and pans, I want a roasting pan, I want the orange potholders, I want new water glasses, I want an umbrella for the garden. I might want some of the bookshelves for the studio, and I want the napkins with the ladybugs on them. I want some of the cute pet pillows for Jacques, and I really want the wicker tree for him. But want and need are two entirely different things, so I controlled myself. I do need towels for the new bathroom:
They didn't have purple, or that's what it would have been. But that can be the winter colors I think. In the meantime I bought this beautiful tangerine, and luscious fuchsia. I already have one fuchsia towel, but the tangerine - oooo.
I stopped at Home Depot to look at fridges again; it's not looking good for me. There is one that would fit, but it's quite pricey. So I think the question, once again is: want vs. need. I have a fridge, it works fine, maybe I should just wait until this one kicks the bucket? Maybe by then the manufacturers have come to their senses. But I won't hold my breath. To console myself I bought seed packets. I want to garden this weekend. I found poppies, herbs, (basil, Italian parsley, mint, cilantro) lavender, nasturtiums, and johnny jump-ups. But no Cosmos. Do they not grow out here? I love those happy purple flowers, and then there are the chocolate ones. I'll keep looking around to see what I get.
In the mean time, I don't think I need to plant too many vegetables. My friend Mike and I are going to split half a share from a farm share. It's this fantastic thing. From the first week in June to the last week in November you get granola, eggs, some meat, cheese, and a 1/4 bushel of fruits and vegetables. Every week. You just have to go pick it up. One of my interns has been doing this and she says it's great and it's more than enough for two people. So Mike and I are going to split this - and guess how much it costs? $300. !!! That's $150 each, for what, 18 weeks of food? How can you beat that? AND it's local AND its organic AND the meat is hormone and anti biotic free ( I think) How amazing is that? I've got to send the application in tomorrow. I'm pretty excited about it. I think it is a good way to get me to eat what I have in the house, and to spend less on food. Last week Jessica got honey in her share. Yum. I'll keep you posted.

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Scrappy said...

I would love to find a farm share around here. Sounds wonderful!