Monday, March 16, 2009

Bathroom Diaries Day: Who knows anymore?

I have crocuses in my yard.
They haven't quite opened yet, and these little purple ones were a surprise. They are under the pine tree (good to know) and I planted a bunch next to the back porch steps. In fact, I planted a whole ton of bulbs. The tulips are showing themselves now, but I don't think I will have very many daffodils. I'm sure the squirrels got most of those. I also bought four raspberry vines. They've already started growing so I should put them in the ground this weekend. I also got some peonies, let's hope they grow well in pots - because you know I've got to hide those from the street. Otherwise the entire neighborhood will be trooping through my yard helping themselves to the pretty flowers.
When Jeff came on Friday he asked me how I wanted the tiles layed out. I said, "Diagonal." His shoulders slumped, "Really?" Yes. Then he came to his senses, "Of course you do. Couldn't just be easy and straight forward. Do you know how much extra cutting that is?" Well, no but that's how I want it. :) So he told me to lay them out how I want them - so I did, diagonal. Poor guy. But it looks so much better that way.
And by the way this is just terrible color of my tiles. sigh. Someday I'll get a really good shot of them. They are quite something.
Jeff came today and put in the heating units? I think? (Lee furnished me with floor heating thingies.) There is some sort of compound over the whole floor now and it was still drying when I came home.
Jacques, of course, had already done his inspection.

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