Monday, March 9, 2009


Rob and Lee were here again today to try to get a handle of all of my electrical madness. And because they are good sports and Lee has actually read my blog and knows all about it - they posed for the camera.
They left my house looking like Swiss cheese though:
Two more new holes in the ceiling of my bedroom that I've got to fix sooner rather than later. I don't want anymore squirrels in here. The results of the holes are good though. I have another circuit on the third floor, an outlet in the bathroom (which didn't have one before) and enough wire and stuff to get better lighting in there. I've just got to get to Home Depot and get some wall sconces, Lee will put 'em in and voila - bathroom finished. Then I paint in there. :)
But Lee did leave me something very curious - where did these bricks come from? Did he take them out of my walls???
I'm going to have to ask when I talk to him later this week.

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