Monday, March 30, 2009

Bathroom Diaries: The return of the plumbers

LOOKIT! A toilet!!!
And it works! Although, I can't figure out why it's so far from the wall? it's just about two inches from the wall - and the rough out was supposed to be 14", but was it maybe actually supposed to be 12"? Hmmmm, that's one phone call tomorrow.

The sink is also now, permanently attached. Voilá!
And I grouted behind the sink. I'm so glad I did that before the sink was permanent. But of course since nothing can just go smoothly I had to do that twice. I bought premixed grout - not knowing you could have premixed with sand only. The beautiful smooth white kind - well, ya gotta mix that yourself. So yesterday morning I started grouting and it looked terrible. So, while the house guests were snoozing away on West Coast time I up and went to Home Depot and got me a bag of the right grout.
Started on the shower too - will finish that up this weekend hopefully.
Not sure if the plumbers will be back, I'm assuming yes because there are some parts lying on the floor that I'm pretty sure shouldn't be. Can't wait to break in that bathtub - I tell ya!
and Lee the Electrician is supposed to come tomorrow as well. He will finish up all of the electrical work in the bathroom and put the sconces on the third floor to that hopefully we get some decent light up there.
Meanwhile, one of the house guests seems to have gotten the flue - he's upstairs moaning. Poor guy. I was downstairs finishing up my edible book for our edible book party tomorrow.
This is "Clockwork Orange". The clock really works. I put a functioning clock with a battery in plastic and stuck it in the back of the cake. Not bad, eh?

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Kathy Collard Miller said...

An edible cake clock! Amazing. You are amazing!