Saturday, February 14, 2009

What is wrong with me?

I cannot get it together today. I have been procrastinating on insulating that basement pretty seriously. Couldn't get down there yesterday for one reason or another, and today it's already 11:40 and I'm still putzing on the second floor!
I started a new hat (see above)
had breakfast
wrote checks for bills
organized some paperwork
filed some stuff
more coffee
gazed in wonder at all of the dust still on everything
vowed to clean it this weekend
started a load of laundry
packed two packages
logged into my brain all the other things I should do this weekend:
insulate basement
pack up boxes for Vamp and Tramp
lesson plan
post office
Pearl for paper
Amish farmer for milk
Wine and Spirits store for Mary's anti-monogamy party tonight
And now I need to go hang up my laundry.
Then I really need to go down into that yucky basement and finish insulating the ceiling because it does really help. But, (boohoo) I don't want to go down there by myself. :( I don't even know if I can get NPR down there.
Happy Valentines Day - think of me in the dark, cold, cobwebby, dusty, lonely basement . . . woe to me. . .

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Darcy said...

I like the segments of your day. My days are frequently like that, portions of segments that alone don't seem like much. Oh. And nothing is wrong with you. You are perfect!