Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kitchen walls primed

All the walls are primed! I was going to be super woman and keep painting - then I remembered that I need to lug a 5 gallon container of paint up here and I caved. I painted pretty much all day so I think I did quite well. There were a few more things that needed spackling - those will be dry on Friday, and I'm not really sure how to proceed with the painting anyway. I think the best plan in to paint everything else white - and then paint the blue wall. But I need to mull that one over in my mind. I was told by several people to add color to the primer for the blue wall, thus the lavender wall at the moment. It's not bad - not great, but not bad.
I also had to refit the heating grate in the kitchen. I've almost got it. It fit better when it had plaster to hang onto. While I was working with it, I noticed some of the paint flaking off, so I took the utility knife and started scraping. I think I'll keep at it a while, see if it will be beautiful without paint. If not - I'll paint it blue.
While I was working on getting the grate to fit, I peered down the heating duct.
There had to be about 120 years of heating dust in there. yuck. So I grabbed the shop vac and sucked out most of it, but there was still some in there. I was wishing I had some amazing round brush that would clean it all out when who appeared and took care of the situation? Why my faithful sidekick, Jacques. He hopped right in there and was half way down when he panicked and backed up right quick-like. Out he popped all grey from the extra dust I wasn't able to get with the vac. Thanks Jacques!
A few more shots of the beautiful weather. Icicles hanging off of the eaves. They grew over the day because the sun melted the snow which dripped, but it was cold enough for the water to re-freeze. There was also a soft wind and it would blow the powdery snow from the roof making it look as though someone had thrown a handful of silver glitter into the air. Every snowflake shimmered and sparkled in the sunlight.

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