Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

I had promised Miss Mary that I would watch the Superbowl with her back in ??? October?
Miss Mary is Mr. El's wife and we get along just fine. SO - while I was looking forward to spending the evening with her, I was also stressed about how much work needed to be done in the ol' abode. For one thing - winterizing needed to be done. I spent most of today putting plastic up on the windows of the first floor. I'd also bought upholstery fabric (a really great green) from JoMar for about $4/yard, and I put heavy drapes up to help insulate the first floor. This is where the thermometer is - and I'm hoping to drop that insane heating bill! I think I still need to do the bathroom but it's not as drafty as the front rooms.
It was warm today too - about 40° - and I did a bunch of laundry and dried it outside. However, now I'm freezing. Bedtime soon - I've got two quilts and a down comforter - that should do the trick.
I promised pics of the pantry by daylight so here it is:
Too bad I didn't have time to work on this more. I'll do some more tomorrow - come hell or high water. I did prime behind the sink and stove area - but that's about it.
I have to say I am really thrilled with my choice in turquoise. It looks especially stunning around my daffodils from Trader Joe's which opened nicely today.
Don't miss little Jacques' inspection on the bottom shelf. How cute is that?

Back to the Superbowl - I've never watched this in my life. But I went over to Miss Mary's to see what we could see - me, her mom, and another neighbor - Miss Joy. Joy works at my bank - go figure? She was so nice, I'm looking forward to being friends with her. She lives a few doors up from me, I've met her daughter more since she's friends with Miss Mary's granddaughter. It's always great to hang out with Miss Mary. She is an incredibly nice person and we seem to have really bonded. I'm sorry I had to leave the Superbowl early - it was nice hanging out with her. But I didn't see much of the game - at anyrate…

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