Saturday, February 21, 2009

Greatest Gift

I've been threatening to do this blog post for a while now:
I love my vacuum.
My fabulous Hoover Mach 6 superdooper vacuum was given to me by Daddy and Ann when they visited last July. Ann and I spent most of our visit at Home Depot picking it out. We looked at several models and I was suspicious about this one because it was on sale - but if I remember correctly, the sales lady said it was very good and she'd buy it if it was up to her. So they bought this one for me and it has been fabulous. It has shiny green buttons on it, a multi-chamber cyclonic cleaning system, cord rewind with 28' of cord (this is way cool- you can step on a button and the cord zips back into the machine!), a HEPA filter, and brush control. I can turn the brush on and off depending on what I'm vacuuming, not only that, but I can raise and lower the brush. This has been extremely helpful because my Persian carpets are different lengths and now the longer (thicker) carpets won't bunch up when I go over them, and the shorter carpets are still clean when I'm done with them. That's the best part about this vacuum; it really sucks up a lot of dirt. I can't believe it! My rugs are a different color when I'm done with them. Brighter. And now I like to vacuum - I feel like I've accomplished something. I feel as though I have a space age contraption - it does everything but vacuum by itself. Even the tubes are clear! You can see the dirt going through them. And you don't need bags. It's got a canister that you empty into the trash! So I'm not creating any more garbage by using a bag - I love it! If you come visit - I'll let you use it. :)
I also said I'd take another picture of my tiles so here they are:

I can't really tell if this is better color or not.

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