Sunday, February 8, 2009

Update of work from Yesterday

I couldn't' wait. As you can see in this image the floor still needs to be done, but I couldn't wait to put some of my things back and have my kitchen back in order. Imagine beautiful hardwood floors and you get the idea. I'll have to move everything again when the floors are being sanded, but in the meantime I get to have a happy kitchen.
And the work we did in the basement yesterday was not in vain!
We started stuffing insulation between the joists from the back of the house. This is underneath the first floor kitchen that I've had to shut off because it is so cold. I put plastic on the windows, hung a heavy drape over the back door, shut the heating vent and put another heavy drape over the doorway. (There's no door at this moment or it would be shut.) That room has been a little icebox from the beginning and since I don't use it that much, I thought shutting it off would help my heating bill. Nope.
This morning I went in there to do some laundry and would you believe, that room is warmer than the hallway leading up to it? This is the hallway that is heated! Now it's not toasty, but it's much warmer - which proves to me that insulating the ceiling of the basement is a good idea! Phooey on the Internet. Half of the sites said it wasn't worth it to insulate the basement.