Tuesday, February 3, 2009

One of those days

Have you ever had one of those days, where despite a lot of hiccups, it was actually a really great day? It was supposed to snow all night last night and we should have been snowed in by this morning. This would have meant a snow day for me. But alas, upon waking up, there was barely a dusting on the ground. So off to work I went
There we had a meeting to discuss a fundraiser for HSP that I can't talk much more about because it was a confidential meeting. But needless to say - we were laughing at some of the ideas because otherwise we'd be crying. Oi.
Upon ordering lunch from my usual place, she added fries to my chicken melt - that I really didn't want, but took anyway because she'd already charged me for them, and they were cooked, and I knew I could convince Leah to eat the other half.
At lunch EVERYBODY had those blasted Girl Scout cookies - handing them out - and I managed resist.
It started snowing at about 1:30.
Got to school around 2:30 and realized I hadn't prepped some important things. There is something to be said for being a pack rat and saving unused items. I had enough stuff in my office to wing it without my students being the wiser.
My advanced class was stellar - there were tons of, "I love this!" Despite the fact that I didn't really teach them anything. I said, "here - read this" and "here's some paper, make a tunnel book." And we sat for three hours and they did! They are my rock star class.
My Book Box class (basic class) surprised me by rising to the occasion when a fire was lit under the behinds. We finished their course books, and a multi purpose box, and despite the fact that it was 9:20 and class was over and I said they could leave, not one of them left without finishing their box. I am quite pleasantly surprised. This is not what usually happens and definitely not what I expected from this class. I had to stay until about 9:50 until the last two were finished.
It took 20 minutes to get home in a cab because there is now at least six inches of snow on the ground.
On the way home, I passed such views; heavy snow on bare branches, kids sledding down the Art Museum steps, snow on fences and steps, on sidewalks, and another bunch of kids (grown up one's by the looks of them) making and enormous snowman in the park.
I made a martini to wind down and despite the fact that I ran out of gin, it still tasted good.
It was a good day.Dare I hope for a snow day tomorrow?

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Scrappy said...

Oh my goodness Tara. These pictures are beautiful! I stole them from your blog (hope you don't mind!) and played with them a bit on my Photoshop. I LOVE them! Do you want to see what I did?