Monday, February 23, 2009

2nd Fl. Floor

Well, we're about to do the floors. And boy do they need it.
I called Henry on Saturday and it took a little while before he knew who I was. But once he realized, I was golden. He remembered me, remembered that I'd recommended him to someone and gave me a great price on the second floor. He is coming on Wednesday to start - so I've been running around like a mad crazy person trying to get everything out of the way.
Tomorrow I teach - Wednesday night I shall buy a new refrigerator. Hopefully this weekend, I can get half of my 2nd floor put back together again, for a while at least.

I called Jeff after the tile came. He was thrilled, but can't come until the first week of March.
Jacques isn't sure what is going on. He was very helpful about claiming empty shelves, but I hope he doesn't think we are moving again. That was pretty upsetting for him.
PS: I had a dream about the aubergine ceiling in the bathroom. Somehow, I was being served tea by the lady who runs the store that sells the paper marbling stuff in Seattle. I've never met her, but in my dream she is a nice old lady with steel gray curly hair in a calico dress and white apron. As she poured me a cup of tea she told me I should paint the ceiling aubergine and then throw gold dust on the wet paint. :)

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