Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Last Day of Class

The last day of my Advanced Book Arts Class. They decided to make The Pocket Tara for their final project. It was their idea to begin with. During the first few weeks of the semester someone was joking about needing the pocket reference guide to all of the little things they learned in my class. I suggested the idea as a group project for their final project - each chose something from the list and made a spread. I made the colophon, the title page and the cover.
The cover is dyed Tyvek with a magnetic clasp. The structure is the drum-leaf binding. It's quick and easy and they only have to print on one side.
It is incredibly flattering that they wanted to do this project with so much enthusiasm. It's funny and clever. I am really touched by this. By the end of the evening they had decided on two things: 1. I needed to be an app and 2. they wanted exclusive rights to the idea - they wanted to be the only class that ever made The Pocket Tara.

The project was a group effort at my house. Because we could use the guillotine:
There was a lot of food and fun and general good spirits. The seniors have their show opening tomorrow so they feel like they are almost done, and the rest are trying to slog through finals. Very little sleep had been had around the table. But pizza and chocolate and cookies makes everything better.
What did Jacques think of all of this? Are you kidding?! There were 12 women to pet him and talk to him and flatter him. He was in heaven.

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