Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gettin' ready for visitors

The bedroom is painted. My Aunt Lois and Uncle Ralph are coming this week and now they have a beautiful bedroom to sleep in! Not the ugly blue one. It looks so beautiful! I'm so happy I tackled that now. It only took four layers of primer and two layers of paint to make it look right. But it's done. So of course I had to start on the next thing. The ugly bathroom. But I didn't make it. That's mostly because I got really sidetracked by the skylight. I don't have a before picture of this thing and I wish I had. Someone had screwed a piece of plexiglass over the opening to the skylight. This spring I noticed that it had become a bit, um, "clouded." Stuff was accumilating on the glass and things were no longer clean and clear. I thought I better take the plexi down, clean it, and caulk the skylight. Well, I discovered that there is a vent there as well. And it still works. There is a chain hanging down. The chain gets pulled in one direction to open the vent - in another close and lock the vent. It's so much more beautiful and cooler (literally) with that thing open! I was just left with my perpetual question - who was allowed to "fix" so many things on this house?

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renaissance1970 said...

The bedroom looks beautiful. I hope your family enjoys it.