Monday, April 5, 2010

Lots to post about

I hope you were all able to celebrate Easter Sunday however you wished and with the warmth and peace a cat must feel lying in a sunbeam. I had a beautiful day. It was the first weekend that West River Drive is closed to traffic on weekend mornings for cyclists and runners and ??? All of the flowering trees were in full bloom. It was absolutely glorious. I'm a bit out of shape - that's to be expected, but it was worth the sore muscles to be out there that morning.
I spent the rest of the day takin' care of business:
Enjoying everything about my house. I have a "host of golden daffodils" (that would be Longfellow for all of you literary people) a line I always think of when I see a bunch of daffodils. I planted 50 bulbs last fall and it was worth it. They are so beautiful. I think if I just keep adding 50 each year? My yard will be exploding. I don't think it's possible to have too many daffodils.
The tulips are just about there as well. I sprayed them all with garlic water. Let's hope that keeps the darn squirrels away this year! In addition to enjoying the garden, I mowed the lawn and did about a dozen loads of laundry. What a luxury to have your laundry dried by the sun. I love it.
While things were drying, I decided it was time to tackle the blue room. Ugh. This is one of the rooms on the third floor, which I hope to rent eventually. So - WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND PAINTS A ROOM TWO DIFFERENT COLORS OF DARK AWFUL BLUE!!! Oh it's just hideous. Here's a panorama of a sort of image of the room:
It doesn't look so bad with the sunlight shining in, but when the sun goes down that room is like a dungeon. And then seriously, at least take the blasted tape off! I'm not kidding - I bought the house with this cruddy blue tape still up. It's been there for almost two years.
But I yanked that down and started painting. It looks so much better already! I painted some more today. I think one more layer of primer will do it. Then I can start painting the real color paint on it.
Before I do that though - I have to fix the hole in the ceiling where the old light fixture used to be. Shouldn't be a big deal. I'm a pro now. I also have to Spackle in the bathroom which is painted the same nightmarish shade of blue. That will be the next battle.
Going backwards in time:
Saturday was pretty exciting. The show of OUTLOUD was held at The Print Center. This was a show my friend Katie curated. It was a show of performances based on books by artists committed to the book as their main format. (Don't' you love that?) I think now I'm pleased with the result. It sure was a production, let me tell ya! Thank goodness Mary knew an Electrical and Computer Engineering Masters Candidate at Drexel and I was lucky enough to convince him to help me. I'm going to try to upload the film here, wish me luck.
So you have to imagine a dark gallery, with this projection on the floor in front of a pedestal with the actual book on it. The viewer is invited to look through the book during the performance.
I got some nice feed back and I'm really glad I participated. The other artists were fantastic, and it was a real privilege to be part of that group.
And further back in time - April 1st is the annual edible book party. If I am smart enough - I will be able to load all of the images up on Flickr and post a link here. These projects get better and better every year. Can't wait to show them to you all.
Okay - It's late and I still have to try to load this film.
Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed-bugs bite!
PS - too tired to figure out how to upload the film. Will post within the week though.....

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