Friday, April 2, 2010

I used to be a ballerina

I caved today. I met with my new accountant, who is FABULOUS, by the way… and she told me how much I was getting back! Unfortunately I immediately had to spend it on new brakes and state car inspection etc. but there was enough left over to indulge in a little. So, I bought a new pair of point shoes.
You must understand, I used to be a ballerina.
Yep, when I was four I started taking ballet lessons. Serious ones. With Miss McClure. Watch out! Miss McClure took things very seriously. If your turnout wasn't quite what is should be - she would come over, take hold of your leg and in a sudden movement - put it into the position she felt it should be in. Never mind if the rest of you crumpled under the pain - your leg was now where it should be. And woe-be-tide you if she had to make it happen again. You didn't mess with her. If she said, you may not be on point until you are 11 or 12, that was that. And of course that was all we wanted. We wanted to be real ballerinas with point shoes. And eventually of course we were. But it really wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Point shoes are PAINFUL! There is no other way to put it.
And I bought season tickets to the ballet this year. Cheap ones, but still...I get to go. And I love it.
We have a wonderful choreographer in Philadelphia - I love his ballets. Whenever I've seen one, I just want to prance around my house the way I used-ta-could. So I try.
On 11th and Chestnut is a huge dancer supply store with lots of point shoes. I pass it all the time. I'd been in before too close to closing time to make a real decision. But today when I was there around noon - I had plenty of time to spend getting a new pair.
So I did.
The first thing the sales lady asked was what kind of inserts I used. Wool, Gel, or Foam.
What did she mean inserts?! - there was no such thing in my day - NOTHING was put into the shoe - save maybe masking tape as the older girls did. But that was considered scandalous - or even cheating somehow. Those rebels! - But when I was about 17, Miss McClure finally said in her unique way, "well if it hurts so much, cut off the end of a sock and use that as a buffer." Who knew we were allowed too!
At any rate - I looked them all over and chose the gel inserts. And wow. I don't know if I should be thrilled or guilty. I don't know if Miss McClure would approve or not! She might even be rolling in her grave if she new about these things.
I bought the gel things and they really make a difference. The gel just molds to your feet and your feet don't slide around so much in the shoes - no blisters on the toes. And lets face it, those damn shoes still hurt your feet no matter what! I don't know how we did it!? I remember having bloody blisters by the time I was finished with my classes. But you didn't complain. You wanted to be on point - and that was the price you paid. You would get huge calluses eventually, but every September when we re-started, the pain was amazing. I can only image - but if child birth is anything like this... I'll be just fine.
But I digress…I bought the shoes, and tonight I spent the evening prepping. I sewed the ribbons and elastic on. And probably spent no more than 10 minutes with them actually on . Despite the gel-thingies they really hurt. But it was so wonderful to be wearing them! I still have to darn the points - but once that is finished I'll be able to prance around the house any time I wish! Yeah!
While I was trying them on and remembering how to teeter around on them, Jacques sat on the top of a chair and watched me - totally fascinated. Humans must be so weird to his little brain.
And of course - he had to inspect:

And I can still do it. Turn-out not quite what it used to be, balance not quite there yet either - but I can still do. And worth the pain - anytime. :)
(This post isn't finished. Check in again for the complete version. :) - Tara) Sorry about posting an incomplete post - I was so tired my eyelids were drooping and I couldn't for the life of me figure out where the save as a draft button was. That's pretty bad, huh? (it's right next the the publish post button) At any rate - I hope this post makes more sense. :)

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