Saturday, May 1, 2010

3rd Floor Bathroom? check.

Remember this? Now it looks like this.
SO much better. ¿que no?
And now to tackle the last hideous color left in the house... the green room:
There it is in all it's glory with no flash - yes, that's how dark it is.
And below is an image with the flash so you get a good idea of the color. Lovely.
Seriously, what are people thinking?
I also worked in the garden on Friday for quite a few hours. Slowly slowly I'm managing to clear things away in between keeping everything else from taking over. I have a tray full of seedlings that need to be put in the ground soon.
There are a ton of morning glories, poppies, Shasta daisies, cock's comb, columbine, three different types of sunflowers, echinacea, hollyhocks, sweat peas, cosmos..... can't remember what else. Can't wait for them to bloom - they will be lovely.

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