Sunday, April 11, 2010

A beautiful weekend

We had another beautiful weekend. It's amazing that it is always so short. I spent quite a bit of time in the garden (as seen from the previous post). I even got to spend some time yesterday and of course Jacques helped. Every weed I tossed onto the brick walkway he had to subdue with his paw. Apparently weekding is extremely interesting. Ants too. Every poor little ant that came across his path was halted with a paw plopped down on it. He sat by me for a good hour supervising and making sure that things didn't get away. I've still got more to do in the yard. I feel like I've done so much it should be perfect by now. Not so. Every time I turn around there's something new that needs attention. Right now, it's those blasted dandelions. There are far fewer than last year - but still plenty to be getting on with.
Today I finished the room upstairs! Yay!
It looks SOOOO much better than it did before. Oy - that blue was hideous.
I had plenty of supervision on this project as well. The inspector was in full force.

I had to patch where Lee left a hole when he installed the fan. Which I was patient about and let the spackle dry over night. You can't even tell there used to be a hole there now. The bright white room is light and airy. The fan Lee installed works really well too - it's not going to be sweltering in there. I just have to finish painting the trim - which I think I can manage before Aunt Lois and Uncle Ralph come to visit. And then voila!
I also fixed the running toilet on the third floor. This is thanks to Melanie when she was here a few weeks ago who said - hey your toilets running. I think the black rubber thingy is shot. So I picked up another one from Home Depot - it was a piece of cake to install and now, no more running water.
After I got finished painting upstairs, I had some left over primer and a dirty roller. Rather than wash it out, I thought I'd do some preventative maintenance. When I bought this house almost two years ago, the door to the basement was white. now all of that has been washed away due to weather.

Since I'm not interested in redoing a door - I thought I'd put a fresh layer of primer on it. It's nice and thick and blindly white. Hopefully that will protect the wood for a while.
I took a rather cool self portrait while I was up on the third floor. The light from the setting sun, reflected off some other windows into the apartment on the third floor. It was a beautiful orange light on the horrible army green. That will be the next big paint job. Can't wait until that is taken care of. Up next? The bathroom on the third floor. We'll see.

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