Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A post for Aunt Lois

She asked me to post the orchids. Here they are! I bought these last year. They are little ones - the blooms aren't more than an inch and a quarter across, but they match the ceiling of the bathroom, and they seem to love where they are because they came back! I have one of those non-see-through windows in the bathroom, lets in lots of diffused light. I think that is what they like the most. That and the rain water.
So yeah, Aunt Lois and Uncle Ralph are on their road trip and they came to see me. It was so much fun.
We met up in Western PA so that Aunt Lois and I could go visit Falling Water. Wow - it is so beautiful! We had an excellent tour guide as well.
Its funny to be in a place I've talked about so many times in class and didn't really understand. I wish I could tell my students about it now. I could give them so much more insight. Ah well, in my next life maybe.
On my way out there I noticed that all the red bud trees were in full purple bloom. There was one between the house and the guest quarters, I tried to get it in as many shots as possible.
We stayed in a great little cabin in Maryland, nice and toasty warm, but no cell phone reception. The landscape around it was beautiful. All farmland, and not much else.
On Sunday we headed back to Philadelphia and did the grand driving tour.
Here's Aunt Lois in front of the Maxfield Parrish/Tiffany mural in the former Saturday Evening Post building. This mural seems to glow on it's own. It's quite beautiful.
Speaking of murals, we did the driving tour of as many of my favorites as possible. They really liked them. Had lunch at Sabrina's, yum, saw Ben Franklin's "house" and mailed things off from the first post office of the USA. The stamps are still canceled with Ben's signature.
And of course - the now standard Philadelphia photo:
How fun is that?
And before they left, Uncle Ralph taught me the Battista Chicken recipe. Oh boy is it good.
I'm pretty honored to have been allowed to learn this - seeing as I'm not Italian at all. :)
There's lots of garlic in it:
And red wine vinegar too:
And the rest is a secret!
I really enjoyed having them here - it was really fun to talk and hear family stories. I love that.

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