Friday, January 23, 2009

The second floor

Started on the kitchen floor last night.
I decided to give myself a half an hour to work on the kitchen floor last night. That of course turned into an hour and a half including clean up. But I'm getting the hang of this floor removal thing. This is a good thing because let me tell you, the back of my legs really hurt this morning! All that bending over to yank stuff up. But all you have to do is get the thing (oh, what is that tool called - the one that is long and you pry stuff up with - it has escaped my mind), well, get that thing forced under the plywood and then step on it and it comes up and sometimes brings nails with it. Most of the yucky old linoleum is pretty easy to get up too.
And Jeff came today to put in the beam! Yippee! but it's crooked! It's off by 3/4's of an inch! We're going to have to discuss this.
I can fix it with the drywall but they didn't bring that either. Don't know when that will happen. He did bring insulation for the giant gaping hole that was left and shoved it in there. He's also going to put in a door for me. He said he found a nice one with glass in the front :) - on sale even. Let's see if he actually remembers to get it. I'm not going to stress out about a door though. In the mean time - I'm going to continue prying up my kitchen floor and maybe I'll even get to sanding it. Nicole and Mat sanded their floors, so I think I'm going to give it a go. If it doesn't work out, I can always call Henry Sanding floor.
I'm supposed to be visiting Melanie this weekend in the Berkshires. :( But with all the madness of last weekend, I bowed out because I need to do to much prep for school, and as we discussed today - I'm just trying to get ahead on a few things. But I'm bummed because I can't be there and bummed because Melanie was so looking forward to us being there. Hopefully I will get to see her new place soon! :)Here she is in front of the Rocky statue that got moved to the Art Museum recently. Go Melanie!

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Melanie said...

You are so awesome and so silly! Thank you for the post! Hope it's going well--I'm just going to bed at 1:22 a.m. So the weekend is off with a bang! Talk soon.