Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bathroom Diaries Day? 8 maybe?

I didn't even notice that Jeff had framed in the door on Tuesday until late Wednesday night.
It looks good. He also started putting the baseboards in in the bedroom. :) One would think the end was near; one would be mistaken.
Sadly, there is a leak. There is a leak from the third floor bathroom to the ceiling of the second floor. I had been showering on the first floor. Then the water returned to the third floor and I decided - I have such a nice little claw foot tub up there - why can't I take a bath up there? I'm reading those blasted Vampire books and I really needed a good soaking to get back into the series. I could hear something dripping, but the floor wasn't wet. I figured it was dripping in the pipe. Nope. Jeff even has the ceiling up and had started plastering/spackling. Now he's got to take the ceiling back down and the plumbers have to come back to get that leak taken care of. It's a good thing he discovered it before he was all done. But argh - such a pain in the neck.

I still have not finished the darn doorway down stairs. I must do that this weekend, I must resolve. . . .

But I am stripping my brains out on the stairs. I got the backs of the stairs stripped, they still have some funny stain gunk on them. I think I'll put one more layer of Citrus Solve down, use some steal wool and really go at it. I may have to do some sanding as well. I also stripped the first of the spindles. That is going to be a real chore. Patience Patience. . . I'm going to get lots of practice during this project.
And the tiles… I called my Uncle Ralph whose son Gino is in the tile and flooring world. I told him I wanted chartreuse tiles. Gino apparently said, "Why would you want chartreuse tiles?" I say, "Why not?" Maybe Gino can work miracles. I'm not having any luck.

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Scrappy said...

I definitely do not have the patience for those spindles. I would have to throw a spindle stripping party or something. I could not do it on my own. They are going to be worth all the work in the end though. I am so excited to see it done.
That is so sad about the leak. I am curious where you are in that book series.