Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bathroom Diaries: Day 10

Oh Dear.
Things are just not going my way with this bathroom.
I got the mural in the mail today - that is, I got four copies of the mural in the mail today !? Now what? And I unrolled it and it looks terrible. Sure it looks beautiful in the image, and it looks great from 8 feet away, but up close, at two to three feet? The image is completely pixelated. Boo hoo! It looks really cheap. I am so bummed. AND I went to order tile today - which I did, but now I don't want that tile anymore because it's to simple and plain - I want the green rocks that I saw there. Oh boy! But if those are special order too - then forget it. So I'm going to call the nice lady at the tile shop again tomorrow and see what can happen there.
At any rate the plumbers were here again today and Jeff put the last of the drywall up. I will give him a call tomorrow morning after I talk to the tile lady.

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