Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Door on the Second Floor

Oh - they installed a new door on the second floor. Isn't it nice? It's so quiet too. You can't hear the mechanisms in the locks moving. Amazing. That Jeff has good taste, no? It's much better than that ugly thing I had before.
I also yanked up more of the kitchen floor. It's starting to look really great. The best part is it's starting to feel really great. Everything feels right now. When I walk across the floor it feels better, there's a better sound. It's strange to describe. I've only got a bit more to pull up and then I'll be able to sand it.
I'm going to try doing this on my own because, get this: Philadelphia has a Tool Library. I checked out the website and there is a $20 yearly membership, but then you can check out tools to use for projects! Hot diggity! I don't know how long one can check them out for, but I'm going there on Saturday to get the details. I can get other stuff like table saws, routers, jigsaws, and tile saws (which I'll need for the bathroom). Talk about exciting.
Working on the house during the week I think will be a good thing. I got the second heating bill of the season… Let's just say I'm going to call the Gas Company tomorrow, congratulate them on the joke that must be my bill, and ask them to tell me what I really owe them. My heating bill? Doubled from last time. It hurts just to say it. So the heat has been turned down, rooms closed, vents closed, more clothes pulled on including hats, and then yanking up the kitchen floor isn't so bad - I was actually sweating for a bit there.

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