Monday, January 5, 2009

Blue Paint and a Mural

We went to the hardware store in center city near work because we needed some more paint for the lab. While we were there I found the blue I've been looking for for my kitchen! It's the one in the middle. I have one big wall opposite the windows that will be this blue. Built into the wall is a recessed open "pantry." I will paint that turquoise. I bought a gallon of the blue today and I actually played with the idea of starting the painting this evening. But really that would be a waste of time. I need to prime the whole room first - then paint the blue on top. And it's not like I don't have enough projects that need finishing.
I also bought my mural:That should arrive in the next couple of days.
The tile saga - I called the place that has the tile I really want. She gave me an even better price than she'd quoted me last week. But they only have it in the high gloss and it's not recommended for floors. I don't care anymore. I want something that I want - to work out. No blue toilet - no clawfoot tub - no what else? Anyway - I want my apple green tile gosh darn it.
I also tackled the white sweater from the last post - and I think I fixed it with not as much work as I had anticipated. It's amazing the things one can learn by actually reading a book - not just looking at the pictures. Yep - my Reader's Digest Knitter's Handbook came through for me once again. I got one sleeve on, will get the other one on in the next couple of days.

And Happy Birthday Daddy!

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