Thursday, July 2, 2009

What a day...

I went to New York City to install my "Diary Project 1" piece for the Center for Book Arts' upcoming show. In the middle of the day - getting into New York is not so bad. But once you're in...oi! - don't make a wrong turn. It took 45 minutes to get from the Lincoln Tunnel to the CBA. About 10 block south and 4-5 blocks over? And then ... the air conditioning at the center, wasn't working. UGH! because we are having one of those humongous thunderstorms where it is so humid it's absolutely disgusting! So yours truly - tried desperately not to drip on her artwork. It was so hot in there. Boiling....but it's done, it's up it's fine...I don't have to go back until September.
It's sort of in the printshop - which should be interesting. I hope nothing happens to it.

I got the approval to go - and it took another hour for me to be able to get off of Manhattan. That's because it was rush hour. But I managed it - and got close to half way home, when... I went over a thump and something dropped and started dragging under my car. I pulled over on the New Jersey Turnpike - which is scary enough when you're in a car and it's moving. Looked under my car to find that the splash guard has fallen off yet again. This happened two years ago. I can only blame the pot-holed streets of Philadelphia. It was completely worn away. I decided I needed to get off at the next exit or the next rest stop and call AAA. This is a lot easier, when you know where you are. I pulled into a hotel parking lot and asked the nice receptionist if he could tell me where I was and if I could stay in the parking lot until AAA go there - he said sure no problem.
While I waited for them to come, I spied a mommy Groundhog and her two little ones scampering around in the grass. They are really cute.
"Chuck" arrived really quick and decided I had to be towed back to Philadelphia. He didn't want to take the guard off and have something happen to me and have me blame him... It is a good 60 miles back from where we are. Thank goodness I pay my $100 every year for my membership - it pays off - I tell ya. Sophia (my car) got cranked up onto a flat bed of the truck and got a free ride home. Chuck proceeded to tell me that the only good groundhog was a dead groundhog - and animals are for hunting. We didn't talk much after that.
We got to Philadelphia just fine and he took me to my mechanic. It was about 7:30pm by that time. I was going to put the key into the night drop and call Tom in the morning. Here's why all the chocolate cake has paid off: Tom came out of the garage and asked me what the problem was (he was still there!) I told him and he said,"Well, how about if I take that off of there for you and you can be on your way." (because they're closed tomorrow and the weekend.) One more chocolate cake - comin' up!

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Darcy said...

Funny thing that "Chuck" sounds like a name of a groundhog.