Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bathroom diaries: Closer and Ever Closer

Wouldja lookit that! - toilet paper. On a holder. Parallel, and functional. Ha HA! I am telling's the little things. :) I also managed to put up two more towel holders, and took a crack at wiping up the stain spills from the tiles. Still need to do that. The three shelves which will go up above the toilet are drying, they've been polyurethaned. And...
I finally decided I was done prepping the "bookshelves":
I'm not sure what happened, but they were really rough. I may not have sanded them after staining them - that's a real pain in the neck! I finally just sanded the third layer of polyurethane, and I'm satisfied. Now comes the real job - getting them to stick to the walls. Cross your fingers for me.
The mirror in my bedroom is sticking... so far. :) Let's hope it stays that way. In critter news, Jacques is recovering from a terrifying night of fireworks. Poor baby. Earlier he cringed at the sound of a plastic bag being crinkled up. It'll take a few days, but he'll get over it.
And just when I was going to say, no more raccoons...? They came back tonight. I called a new critter remover on Monday, but I'm starting to think that getting a hold of those people is like pulling a woolly mammoth from a tar pit. I hope they call me back tomorrow.

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