Sunday, July 19, 2009

Unpacking - PS

I was so tired last night I forgot some vital things!

1. I have two orange cherry tomatoes on one vine. Yippee!
2. With all the unpacking I've done - I finally was able to get the recliner out of the kitchen.
3. Lowe's has redeemed themselves: They are selling lime green Rubbermaid containers. Well, don't you know I had to buy those! Apparently no one else is though, because they are on sale, $6/each.

Tonight!: Mary and Adrienne came over for a summer evening of gin and tonic and chips and quinoa salad. It was so nice in the garden - still have fireflies!
Around twilight Adrienne shrieked, "Oh my god! There are three raccoons on your roof and they are all looking at us!" The family was out for a stroll! We watched them all go down the drain pipe, and I went into action. We trooped upstairs with some cardboard, staple gun, and Critter Ridder spray from Home Depot. I crawled out the window onto the ledge, stapled the cardboard to the hole I know they are using for access, and sprayed it full of the Critter Ridder while Mary and Adrienne leaned out the window, shining a flashlight on the spot and talking me through it. I also poured some of the Ridder onto the roof top. Let's hope this is the last of them!!! I really want them out. Permanently.

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Scrappy said...

Sorry I have not been around lately. It looks like you have been busy, as usual! I love the book shelves. I sure hope you are finally rid of the raccoons. :)