Saturday, July 18, 2009

Unpacking and some more unpacking

I spent most of yesterday unpacking things in the studio. Found all of my teaching stuff - I wonder if I'll ever need it again. If I throw it out, I probably will. I've kept the bare essentials, but have decided some of the things can go. I've got some more furniture set up how I want it in the studio. Need to move a few more things there, hopefully tomorrow. Then this evening I worked some more on the second floor. I plugged all of the sunked (?) screws in the book shelves. I didn't know there was a special drill bit to do this. I went to Home Depot because I thought I just needed a 1/2" drill bit to do the sinking part. When we couldn't find one, the guy asked me what I was doing with it. I told him and he introduced me to this amazing new fun tool! It's a drill bit designed to sink the head of a screw. I learn something new every time I go there. Maybe in a few years I can just go into construction. For the amount I paid for my bathroom - I think I went into the wrong business. I could even just do tiling. What Jeff was going to charge me for tiling my shower alone would pay all my bills and have money left over, for a month. Well, it's always something to keep in mind. But back to the shelves...they look really great now with the little plugs. More professional somehow. My dad tried to tell me about these, but the Home Depot guy beat him to it. But it's definitely the way to go.
And so I unpacked more books and as I predicted those shelves are filling up fast. I've decided to only put up books that I've read, want to read, or ? I've discovered quite a few I think I should read. Including 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, some Jessamyn West books, and another book by Francis Hodgson Burnett (The Secret Garden), but this one is about a little boy, Little Lord Fountleroy. I was just reading about it on Wikipedia - sounds very interesting. I'll report back. First I have to finish those blasted Clan of the Cave Bear books. I had an English professor who said that Jean M. Auel wouldn't finish writing the series until Ayla had invented the wheel. I think she's right.
I've unpacked far over 1,000 books, some of them have been lined up in size order on the shelves. This is because I am my father's daughter and that's how they should be. But I may have to break with tradition because I do want certain authors together. All Madeline L'Engle books should be together, as should Barbara Kingsolvers books. All of the Charlie Brown comics are together as well. It just makes sense (right?)
Jacques was very curious about the shelves. They smelled funny, the books smelled funny and then they were so high up there. I had to stand and hold him for a while as he sniffed the air above trying to check things out. He finally settled for lounging on the folding ladder-chair. That's as close as he will get to christening those shelves.

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