Monday, June 29, 2009

Bathroom Diaries: Still searching for civility

I tried, I really did.
I managed to get the shade up. This is a major step in the right direction. Now I don't have to dodge the boys from two houses over every time I'm in the bathroom. (Their window looks right down into my bathroom.) Getting the blind cut at Home Depot was an interesting adventure though. The poor sweety who "helped" me was so helpless. He told me he'd like to help me cut it, but he'd spent 15 minutes the last time looking for the ON switch. So we got all set up, and once again - he couldn't figure out how to turn the machine on. So while he went to get help, I read the directions which were pinned up right next to the machine. When he got back, I showed him where the on switch was. Got my curtain cut - all set.
Now it's time to install some hardware fer cryin' out loud. So I hung a towel hook and in the process realized I'd thrown the hardware for another one out with the trash. I'll have to call Moen tomorrow and cry them a river and see if they'll send me some more hardware. Then I decided to try to install the toilet paper roll-hanger-thinger, and while I kept the hardware this time, I threw out the directions. So as I'm making things up as I go along - the electric drill...runs out of juice. And of course the other battery is also not charged. So I think the powers that be are telling me I can go to bet early and read a bit more in ... The Valley of Horses. The lovely Free Library had a copy in the library three blocks from my house. I love the library.

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