Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lots of drilling

Yep - LOTS of drilling. I'm surprised I didn't wear my drill out. I did strip several screws. What a pain that is. Luckily there are several YouTube tutorials about tricks to get a stripped screw out - I am now a pro! but I digress...

First thing I did was to finally put up the beautiful hooks Toni got for me at Cost Plus. These gorgeous things hold a lot of bags. It's nice to have them out of the way. Thanks Toni!And then I set to tackling putting up the book shelves. What a production! It is not easy to get these things up there - especially since they need to really stay up there and not come crashing down with loads of books. It's not especially gracefully done, but they are up and they don't look too bad. I still have to stain and polyurethane the little plugs which will hide the screws, then I will be completely finished. Here's the blank wall:
And here is the 32 ft of new shelves. NOW - that looks pretty good. In actuality ... I had to do the top row over because it was really crooked. What a pain in the patookus! My stud finder worked great - but things just kept going wrong, including, I think, I wore one of my drill bits out. It won't drill anymore, and I had these incredibly long screws that just didn't want to go all the way in. I finally gave up on those and pulled out some other mystery screws from my ziplock-bag-o-hardware. So far things are staying up.
I kept trying to find a system of the best and most fool proof way of getting the shelves up and I've concluded:
there isn't one.
I think this is true mostly because I can't see through walls. It took about 45 minutes to get each shelf up there. At any rate - I'm glad it's done.
Now I have to start deciding which books go up there. They have to be books I want around, but don't really need a lot of access to all the time. I have a lot of books.

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