Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Studio Day

I will say it was a lovely day - although I'm not sure to many will agree with me. I was a dark, gray, rainy day. I slept in which was nice. Then I got myself together and got on my bicycle despite the rain, and despite another walk-a-thon on West River Drive - I rode all the way out to Falls Bridge. But I decided not to tackle any more crowds at the Museum and went home on surface streets. I arrived home, drenched. Jacques had insisted on going outside. He showed up quickly and wanted to get inside the house. Can't say I blame him. I took a long hot shower and put on my magenta pj's and had a very cozy day in the studio.
That's why I think it was a lovely day.
Perhaps the universe was encouraging my to get into the studio to finish the UPenn project. It was very hard last weekend with the beautiful weather. Not hard this weekend. The weather definitely encouraged me to give up the war with the dandelions. Maybe next year.
I worked quite a bit on the UPenn project: Its a full leather binding with stingray hide inset. Its been put to rest for the night. Tomorrow I've got to finish up the inside hinges and the paste downs. I really hope to get it finished soon. I want to cross it off my list.
In between things drying on the UPenn project, I worked on editioning something else that is long past due. Here is the third book in the series of my washed books. The Hybrid Book Fair is coming up the first weekend in June and I hope to have things finished by then.
I've got my list of things I need to order ready to go. If I could just order more time . . . now that would be something.

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